Sunday 6 December 2015


Off the PRATS go to the Cotswolds, a jolly little saunter down to Cirencester; an ancient roman town sitting on the River Churn. I thought I better put that bit in else you wouldn’t have a clue what the title meant. This may well be the Poppies first visit here; I certainly can’t remember being here before. It’s an early start as Parker is on holiday so we’ll be way by around 2:30pm, we should be parked up just after 4:00pm.
There are a few Arkell’s pubs in town, it’s been a while since we supped some of their ales, so looking forward to downing a couple especially if they have Kingsdown Ale on anywhere and for the lager boys they brew their own 1843 craft lager. One such Arkell’s pub is the Bees Knees, with the ground being out of town this may be one of the closest pubs, about 5 minute drive, 30 minute walk; unless of course your name is Flopper, he’ll walk it in about 15 minutes.
Other Arkell’s pubs in the town centre include The Talbot Inn, The Brewers Arms and The Golden Cross.
Ciren Ales Brewery
However, there is a brewpub in town, Twelve Bells is home to Ciren Ales brewery, looks interesting, has to be worth a visit. Another interesting pub which boasts a good selection of 8 ales is the Marlborough Arms I notice they sell Windrush here; Pharp may not get to Cirencester in time to compete with this fortunately.

So it’s looks as though we’re going to have a decent evening out here in the Cotswolds, looking at photos on the Centurions website it’s looks as though they may have a decent ale available as well. With a longish drive home, getting another pint in may be one too many, we’ll have to see.

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