Sunday 16 August 2015


Being a Tuesday night game we only have a certain amount of time to sample the local ale houses. Searching the usual sources generally comes up with the best local pubs.
Looking through the Locale list on page 23 you’d like to think it was up to date, at first glance The Talbot looks like the place to go, with Byatt’s ale, (was this formerly Long Itch?) Sadly this pub which once adorned Leamington FC regalia is now shut. Whilst not mentioned in the Locale list The Somerville has won a few champion pub awards sadly they serve Everards ales which we can get plenty of in God’s chosen town.
The local University also has a guide
After some deliberation we've decided to visit pubs on route to Leamington, firstly we will stop off in Southam and frequent the Market Tavern, a pub owned by the Warwickshire Beer Co,
Then we will move closer to the ground by visiting The Old New Inn in Harbury just a few minutes away from our final destination

Pharp is going directly to the game from work, which means Parker, Citra and I can journey to our neighbouring county of Warwickshire without the usual chemical resistant protective clothing and breathing apparatus. 

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