Monday 26 October 2015


Most Southern League footy fans have already experienced the big moment of the season, but for us Poppies supporters it the stupendous occasion we’ve all been waiting for. All ambitious footy players, supporters and club chairmen want to play in the cup, the FA Cup? No way, how about the FA Trophy? No chance, what about the county cup? Sorry, not really interested.  There’s only one competition they all have their sights firmly set on, it’s Red Insure cup time again folks, hooray, yahoo. The shrieks of overwhelming delirium can be heard echoing across the whole of Southern England. Leonards Cohen’s classic ‘Hallelujah’ will be blaring out on ghetto blasters throughout the region. Although perhaps Alexandra Burke’s rendition might be more appropriate. We must be Burks; travelling away tonight for this pointless competition? But it’s our club so we follow them irrespective of the futility. Will we even put out a first team, who knows?

Still, one good thing to come out of this purposeless adventure is the chance for the PRATS to re-visit the Stratford Alehouse every cloud has a golden pale ale lining, marvellous. One again we can sample the finest gravity served ales.  This time we’ll give the Bear a wide berth, our wallets just aren’t fat enough.
So not far from the ground is the Crown Inn Tiddington, yes I can see, they serve bloody Doombar but they also have North Cotswold ale available, Windrush, ‘Warwickshire beer of the year’ 3 years back. I don’t believe for one minute the Pharp was the inspiration for Windrush. Hopefully Windrush won’t be an inspiration to Pharp. Worth a try as there’s not any ale at the ground. Must not have too much ale before the game, we have a classic footy experience ahead of us. Can’t wait.

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