Thursday 29 October 2015


It’s Friday night and we’re going to a footy match, just a short trip down the A14 to St Ives for our first encounter in the FA Trophy this season. Did you know that in 1838 there was 64 pubs in St Ives one for every 55 inhabitants, now the ratio is one per thousand? The PRATS don’t intend to go to all of them just the good ones.

The Oliver Cromwell looks like a decent places too start, plenty of ales to choose from, although not sure about the parking situation. Just a few minutes walk away is the Nelsons Head a Greene King pub with loads of guest ales. All the pubs are very close to each other so just a few more minutes’ away is the Royal Oak with another decent selection of ales. Finally moving towards the ground is the Elgoods owned pub Floods Tavern, Usually 4 ales available. The pub stretches down to the Great River Ouse, so if the weather is good it might be worth sitting outside. Parking is possible on the on the road outside the Floods. The ground is about 10 minutes walk. After the game whilst the pubs in St Ives are tempting there is an exceptional pub a few miles away in Huntingdon the Falcon,
boasting 15 hand-pumps mostly serving local ales. The Falcon can get quite busy so not far away is the smaller Market Inn serving 3 ales with a couple selected from the SIBA list. That should be enough for one night out.

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