Thursday 10 March 2016


This week the PRATS head off back to St Ives for yet another ‘Booze by the Ouse’. This will be the Poppies 6th game by the Great Ouse this season. We started with a friendly against Bedford Town, then St Ives in the FAT, followed by a trip to Brackley Saints in the county cup, two league games against St Neots and Kings Lynn. This time we play Cambridge City, who along with us has collectively played home games at 7 different grounds in the last 5 seasons. Since leaving Milton Rd in 2013, they almost went to Newmarket, but eventually turned up at Histon and now this season at St Ives. In a few years’ time they could be at a brand spanking new ground in Sawston which is about 7 miles south of Cambridge. When Fuggles was a mere Fugglet in the late 50’s early 60’s City were the premier club in Cambridge and could be considered one of the biggest non-league sides in the country often attracting crowds in excess of 3000, so you can only imagine their astonishment when United were voted into the football league within a decade or so.

Spot the bloke in the bar
There are some decent pubs in St Ives with some near to the ground, but it would be difficult not to retrace our steps from our trip here back at the end of October Trouble and Strives. That was a Friday night this time we get a Saturday afternoon wandering through ancient market town. The Oliver Cromwell is a good place to start, 7 or 8 ales available with at least one from Oakham, Citra will be pleased. Next up will be the Nelsons Head, although a Green King pub they do have a decent selection of ales including Nene Valley brewery from Oundle. Just around the corner, or if Citra wants to take a short cut we could walk through the chippy we will end up in the Royal Oak, more Oakham ales here. Elgoods have a pub in the town the Floods Tavern.
Closest to the ground is the Merchant House just a 5 minute walk they have a couple of ales available. Just up the road is the Seven Wives, on driving out of town last October we spotted a SIBA sign on the outside of the pub, this usually indicates a good selection of ales. On the way home, well the 15 hand pumps at the Falcon in Huntingdon are a temptation. The King-of-the-Belgians looks interesting, this is on the outskirts of Huntingdon, we would have to drive past this to get home, maybe we’ll pop in for a couple. Hopefully we will get a game; the pitch here can get a bit boggy to say the least.

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