Saturday 16 April 2016


Change the bloody date
It was the 30th November when this fixture was originally scheduled. Waterlogged pitches, county cups and floodlight failures have all conspired to generate a 20 week delay; this has to be a record surely. This week the Mighty Reds have a ridiculous fixture pile up, with Monday league, Wednesday county cup, Thursday league and finally Saturday league and if we scrape a play-off place maybe the following Monday or Tuesday. Even the inmates at the Russian Gulags didn’t put that much time in.
Mrs Fuggles is currently lobbying the Northants FA, that rolling pin should come in handy, although she could have taken her curlers out, nice pinny dearest.
So once again we travel to Redditch, gateway to god knows where. At least we will get to use our loyalty card at the Black Tap Brewpub, we only need 2 pints to get a freebie. Here’s the blog from our last visit A DIM VIEW I suspect we’ll be retracing our steps so no need to write yet another pre-match Psoriasis ditty. Finger crossed we get a game this time around. 

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